Khalid Bukhari also known as Kay B, is an Actor, Tv presenter and a Model. He is a London based actor from Bahrain.

He started of his career in modeling at a young age until he landed a role as the main TV presenter on Bahrain TV's English channel for two years, presenting a weekly show called Cafe Bahrain and also presenting the most important happenings and events within the country, such as the Bahrain Boat show, Bahrain Air Show and the Bahrain Formula 1 show LIVE on air.

After working on a short movie "66.6fm", directed by Chaker Bin Yahmed, he obtained the main role in 2014, in a new Arabic series called Salem which lasted for 30 episodes besides the Arabs most well known actors such as Ebrahim Alharbi, Mashari Albalam and Layla Salman.

His latest works include a main character in a company's Interactive Film and the main role for a short movie called AMAL.